Keto Meal Prep for Weight Loss

Fuel your body with fat.
Burn more fat.

Results in 50 days... guaranteed!


Want to start losing body fat TODAY? Keto Meal Prep for Weight Loss is a

visual guide that walks you through every step of the process - from your

 first keto meal to becoming a meal prep master!

Keto Meal Prep for
Weight Loss

  • VISUALLY learn the art of meal prepping healthy, keto friendly food.
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    Learn fast from 30+ engaging video lessons.
  • Customize your meal plan each week to fit your needs and crush your goals. 
  • Follow along with downloadable/printable instructions and shopping lists.
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    FINALLY start losing fat and improving your health through a well formulated ketogenic diet.

Low-Carb Favorites 

Convenient Breakfasts 

Hearty Lunches

Join the  Exclusive Meal Prep online community to make friends, share stories, and ask questions. 

Access the course wherever, whenever. Repeat it as many times as you want. 

Macro and Calorie Adjustments

You have a specific goal in mind, which means you need a plan that's custom and recipes that are easy to adjust. Perfectly portioned meals and snacks is how we get personal.

Printable Shopping Lists

Buy your ingredients in bulk and prep a week's worth of homemade meals. 

Save time and money,  get back to living.

Delicious Recipes

The menu is non-restrictive, making it highly sustainable. Learn how to cook homemade meals that keep you satisfied. 

Keto Success Stories

Samantha is down 49 pounds in 3 months!


The advice and general information about keto, macros, cooking techniques, and just the way that you two work together is so inspiring. I have tried so many new things in the kitchen, learned new tricks, tried new foods I've never had, all because of Keto Connect!

I am now down 49 pounds just in over 3 months. I do believe a LOT of my success so far is owed to you two. All of your hard work that you've put into helping others with the recipes, tips, general keto knowledge, on the YouTube channel and the website etc. has gotten me to this point. I've even got my parents doing keto now and watching your channel!


Aretha has Been Meal Prepping to Get Back on Track!


This is amazing!!!! This will be very helpful to a newbie or even someone that is struggling to get back on track. I also see it as a tool to reduce stress and anxiety around calories and macros. This is an area I have been slacking in and finally sat down this past Sunday to meal prep for the week.


Erin's Pants Are Getting Looser!


Your transparency, honesty, wholesomeness, approachability and passion for helping others are so integral to inspiring a healthy relationship with food and taking the intimidation and confusion out of starting ketogenic eating. Since following you guys in early December 2016, eating keto the right way has seen my pants get looser again, my forever acne-proneskin become AMAZING, and fixed the way I see myself in general due to the emotional and physical benefits.

I'm super psyched to pass on everything I've learned about keto and the benefits to others and would recommend your courses and videos to anyone!


Meet Matt and Megha, the creators of the course.

  • Authors of the Keto Made Easy cook book - Amazon Best-Seller
  • Co-Founders of
  • Co-Founders of the Keto for Normies Podcast
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     400,000 + YouTube Subscribers 

"Meal prep has been our single most important tool to stay committed and being successful on a keto diet. We've created this course to pass along our very best recipes and time-saving tips to help you on your weight loss journey."

They are on a mission to make a Keto lifestyle easy and approachable.

Guaranteed Desired Results in 50 Days or Less

If you are not satisfied with this course for any reason, or do not achieve your desired results, we will refund you in full, no questions asked.

Enroll for $130

  • 1​2 completely unique and delicious ket​o meal preps
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    More than 150 planned meals with easy video instructions
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    2+ hours of entertaining and easy to follow cooking videos
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    100+ page printable guide to take with you anywhere
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    Easily adjustable meal plans for people of all shapes and sizes
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    40+ simple, yet delicious recipes
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    Complete immersion into a ketogenic diet to fuel fat loss and increase energy
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    Easily modified meal plans based on ingredient preferences and food allergies
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    24/7 ongoing access to all course materials - Repeat the course as many times as you want.
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    Printable nutrition guides
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    Printable grocery shopping lists
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    Printable cooking instructions for every meal prep
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    100% money back guarantee

We've already planned your next 50 days worth of delicious keto meals!

Meal prep is the number one way to stay on track and crush your goals.

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